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Enlarged prostate breakthrough, elderly man shares his testimony

My testimony:

The embarrassment I got from urinating at almost every hour was shameful as my co-workers presumed I had been struck by a thunderbolt. Even my wife blamed me for losing my fertility to ignorance”.

It has become double trouble now that the doctor said the only option left was to have a surgical operation which could mean I will have dry ejaculation for the rest of my life”?

Enlarged prostate breakthrough, man shares his testimony

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Whenever they say it is general and common among people, please don’t play ignorance and believe your nickname is ‘immunity’. I could have wasted one of the joys of man’s existence in life because I choose to be naïve in handling health issues.

My experience in the office

If I say awful, I don’t think it was an understatement or which of my experiences could I describe as the fairly palatable one? Is the fact that I could not control my urge to urinate during bedtimes or in meetings? My enlarged prostate ensured I don’t have a sound sleep anymore I could wake up for about five times before daybreak to urinate. In the office too, it was another horror of the experience. My incessant urinating seems to be pronounced during long hours of meetings. I would always have to excuse my self for at least trice before the conclusion. I felt embarrassed when a colleague playfully joked with my condition and told me to see a physician to help adjust my bladder.

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At home with my family

I cannot say my wife wasn’t supportive of my sudden health condition, but she has the right to get scared and worry now that I was already losing my libido. I now have a reduced urge for sex and even when I try, I could not maintain my erection. With tears in my eyes, my wife would pray fervently for my condition to heal.

Now at the crossroad

From the painful urinating process which is now frequent to low sex drive and all of it, I felt miserable. Now that everything we have tried did not exactly work out well over the long run, should I subscribe to the last available option of surgical operation which could mean I will have dry ejaculation for the rest of my life?

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