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Househelp apprehended after pouring an insecticide into her madam’s drinking water (video)

This is becoming an ever-increasing problem in Nigeria. Many of these house helps have been sent by their agents to scout and tell them what valuables are in the madam’s house. Once they verify that there are valuables, they send these girls to kill their bosses. They raid the house and take off without a trace. If she knew where the key was to go and poison her madam’s water, then she definitely had been entering there before and going through madam’s stuff. Just look at her, with her tiny innocent-sounding voice and babyface. Nobody will believe that this one has it in her to kill. That’s why they say do not judge a book by its cover. Women, if you must get house help, please go to your villages and get a young girl from your family. Everybody has family who could do with the extra financial or moral assistance. It could be a cousin or niece or extended relative. Bring her back to the city to help you the same way a daughter would, while you send her to school and treat her well. We did it for many years and it worked for us. Every girl we got from home ended up getting to the university level and fending for themselves. Their families were very grateful. You can also trace such girls. You know where they are from and who their parents are if the need arises. It’s a win-win situation. You train up someone else’s child while she gives back in her own way by taking care of you and your family. If not that women now have to contribute to the financial upkeep of the home, we would still be sitting at home and taking care of our kids ourselves. Sadly, that is no longer the case in many cities.

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